On Trump, Charlottesville and the Radical Left.

So here’s my take on Trump’s treatment of the alt-right, his response to the¬†charlottesville, and the two groups involved with the riot. I’m going to try to be as rational as possible here so please keep that in mind if you choose to comment.
So first off in general trump has been why too easy on the alt-right / white nationalist. It was obvious during the campaign season that trump didn’t want to alienate them because they generally supported him. This doesn’t justify not denouncing them and I think this speaks to trump’s lack of character. This also doesn’t mean that Trump himself supports the alt-right or that the majority of his supports are alt-right. The alt-right is a tiny movement orchestrated by a very small group and they’ve been given megaphone through all the attention the mainstream media and political figures have given them. But I do think it was a mistake for Trump to go so long without explicitly calling out the alt-right at least briefly.
Trump’s response to¬†charlottesville was fairly reasonable. He condemned both the white supremacist and the members of anti-fa in his initial tweet. A couple days latter he then condemned the violence of both groups again. He also specifically called out the driver of the car as a murder. This is a reasonable response given the history surrounding both the alt-right and anti-fa. But was definitely still design to help his political agenda.
Both Anti-fa (a violent leftist group that organized a counter protest) and the white nationalist (on the whole) went to that event wanting to be provoked by their counterpart. These groups are equally bad for pretty similar reasons. Neither group took justifiable actions. Both groups are ideological extremism and steam from this strange incoherent amalgamation of postmodernism and neo-marxism philosophy that has infected our political discourse.
They both perpetuate the ‘oppressor vs oppressed’ narrative that has been pushed by the radical left for the past 50 years and of course there have been times when this narrative has been accurate ( I don’t think I need to state the obvious). But recently it’s gotten comply out of control. The radical left likes to speak in terms of ‘privilege’ and say that certain groups have unearned ‘privilege’ purely do to their physical identity (race, gender, height, weight, ect). That there ‘privilege’ comes from oppression or bias against other groups regardless of how the individual’s actions contributed to their situations, you either succeed or fail because you were privileged and didn’t have to work anyway or where oppressed and no matter how hard you tried you would have been beaten down anyway.
This ideology will lead to nothing but conflict and class warfare. It is an incredibly reductionist view of the world. And it feels good to believe it. To quote Dr. Jordan B. Petterson “If religion was the opium of the masses, then marxism was the methamphetamine of the masses.” and this ideology has its roots in marxist thought (Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie) with a Postmodern twist (general oppressor vs oppressed).
So to wrap up Trump indulged the alt-right to gain their support during the election when he shouldn’t have. His response was reasonable but still motivated by politics. Both Anti-fa and the Alt-right follow a vile ideology that reduces people down to their identity based group membership.
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